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Your wedding is such a special day. Surrounded by the ones you love from beginning to end. They help you plan the day, navigate you through some big decisions and stand with you as you come face to face with your sweetheart on the big day. Bridesmaids are your team. Your strength and support. They’re your nearest and dearest, most cherished friends and family. For all these reasons, when the time comes to thank them for their involvement in your day, you will want a gift with real meaning.

I feel a special connection to friendships, and so I have an array of beautiful jewellery for your bridesmaids. Firstly, on the personalised scripted ring bracelet, you can write a thank you note and include the name of the bridesmaid on each one so it is unique to them. The classic, subtle beauty of this piece means it could be worn on the day and effortlessly blend with any bridal party’s style. Alternatively, my round initial necklace is available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold or 9ct Rose Gold, ideal to suit all tastes and can be personalised accordingly. Please browse my collection of bridesmaid gifts to find the perfect choice for your crew of incredible women