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There’s something so wonderfully precious about personalised jewellery, don’t you think so? I’ve always felt that wearing a person’s name close to your heart is such an intimate bond, and yet subtly so. It may be your child’s name on a necklace or your mother’s initials on some beautiful silver or gold personalised earrings; family name jewellery can come in whatever form speaks to you most. For longer messages, lyrics, words of love, or otherwise, the silver, gold or rose gold customised rings, bangles and bracelets from my workshop are ideal.

All jewellery from Little Attic Jewellery is personalised by my hands in my studio, using the ancient technique of hand stamping to individually forge each letter and number to your chosen item. This engraving method has been in use for centuries and its lovably rustic appearance lends an individuality to each piece, further enhancing the personalised feel. Juxtaposed by the fine polish of the metal, the combination makes for a wonderful finish. Let your loved one know how much they mean to you, with a love letter through jewellery.